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Wellnergy Festival

Capturing creativity for a wellness and health festival

We teamed up with Wellnergy for 2024 to...

Grab their audience's attention with

stand-out graphics

Help them increase ticket sales

Develop their brand to target new customers

Wellnergy, a festival with two sites in Manchester and London, needed to encourage more festival-goers to attend their event in 2024. With a fantastic 2023 event, they decided to increase their capacity and put on an additional show for 2024. This meant we needed to cut through the noise with graphics that stood out and sold tickets!


That’s where we came in. We worked hand-in-hand with their team to ensure we were sparking the attention of new customers. After seeing their brand, we we're excited to take on the challenge and create something that would have wellness lovers thumbs' stopping on the home feed.

Free_Poster_Set_Mockup_2 copy.jpg

The Strategy & Steps

We kicked off with Wellnergy by understanding their audience in more depth, and getting to grips with what the festival was really about... it was more than just music. We looked at their competition, market leaders and other experience festivals and events on the market in the UK. 

After our research was carried out we were able to create a social media strategy along with artwork strategy and style for their 2024 events. With this in mind, we were tasked to create the hero artwork and marketing assets to help sell more tickets for their next events. We created a mix of email, social, print and digital assets which could be seen in person and online. 


The Standouts

More Artwork Coming soon


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