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This Is Apollo

Strategy-First Design & Marketing Agency in Manchester

So, you’re launching an event or wan to create noise for your brand. You’ve got the big picture stuff on lock – from the venue to the artists, opening date to the menu – but have no clue how to make noise and sell your product. Well, you’ve found your people. We’re This Is Apollo, a graphic design studio and event marketing agency based in Manchester. We make events, leisure and hospitality brands stand out in the UK and worldwide.

From brand identity design and email marketing campaigns to landing page design and social media, we offer everything you need to market an event, venue, activity or experience that customers crave.


Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry, we do. Already got a marketing team?

Let us fill the gaps and free up their time. Whatever you need, working with This Is Apollo is the calm before your storm.


A Marketing & Graphic Design Studio
for Events, Leisure & Hospitality Brands

Looking for a design and marketing agency can be stressful, we get it. You want to find a team you’re confident in – one that brings spice to your brand, helps you make profitable marketing decisions, and gets people talking about your experience.


Since 2019, we’ve brought creative briefs to life for more than 150 clients. We’re not afraid of doing things a little differently, whether we’re capturing event photography that stops thumbs scrolling or launching ad campaigns that convert.

We’re based in Manchester but have worked with clients from Ireland to Ibiza, Amsterdam to Albania and Malta – so you can trust us to put your brand on the map. Just think of us as your pop-up graphic design studio and event marketing agency.

So, You’re Looking for Design & Marketing Agencies…

Maybe you’ve sorted everything from the line-up to the loos for your first festival, but don’t have a clue how to get people talking about it.  Or, maybe you’re head of marketing with loads of nitty gritty data but zero design skills.


It sounds like it’s time to start looking for marketing agencies who can get your brand pinging off in group chats and sales moving in the right direction. Whatever stage you’re at, we’re here to help your event take up space and create chaos – all with the simplicity of having a cuppa.


Let us know whether you need help launching your event or marketing your brand, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our Clients & Chaos

From brand identity design to social media management, our marketing and design services are here to level up how you promote your brand, event, or experience.
Want to see our work in action?
Here’s a snapshot of the clients we’ve created an impact for in the UK and worldwide.
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Ready to Make Noise?

Fancy finding out what sets us apart from other design and marketing agencies? Share your details and we’ll be in touch to dig a little deeper into your marketing and design needs.

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