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Branding Packages

Branding & Design That Stands Out

Create an impact for your venue, hospitality, leisure or event brand with our branding services, here to tell your story and cut through the crowd. From the streets to your socials, let’s set the tone for your venue or event with branding that shares who you are and what you do.

Branding and design are so much more than creating a logothey’re how you tease people with an unforgettable experience even before they get to know your event or brand. From your graphics to your messaging, branding is all part of the build-up. Together, let’s create a brand identity backed by strategy and laced with individuality. We’re here to help you stand out.

Branding & Design Packages for Events,
Venues, Labels & Hospitality Brands!

Whether you’re a founder just starting out or a marketer under pressure, we’ve got you. 


We’re here to take the weight off your shoulders with our all-in-one brand identity and design services in Manchester, ideal for events, venues, leisure and hospitality brands in the UK and worldwide. 


Fill the gaps in your skillset with our branding and marketing services or choose one of our branding packages below for the full shebang. 

Take Action

A get-off-the-ground package to make a name for yourself and speak to the right audience.

We’ll work with you to come up with a brand identity and design assets from our HQ in Manchester. You can define your ideas during our basic strategy workshop, and we’ll get to work on a mood board and concept.


Alongside basic brand guidelines to keep every design consistently you, this package includes:

  • Basic Strategy Workshop

  • Moodboard & Concept

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Colour Palette

  • Typography

  • Basic Brand Guidelines

  • Business Card Design

  • Social Media Banners


A kickstarter package to freshen up your branding and see real performance.

The events, hospitality & leisure market might be noisy, but we can help you come up with a new sound. We’ll work together to define your ideas with a full strategy workshop, before creating a mood board and concept for your vision.


When you choose Growth,

you’ll get:

  • Everything from our
    'Take Action' package

  • A full strategy workshop

  • Additional brand assets

  • Image guidelines

  • Our Standard Social Media Package*

  • Two add-ons of your choice


A full-to-the-brim package with everything you need to hit the ground running.

If you’re ready to level up your brand and start making an impact, it’s time to Focus. We’ll start with a full strategy workshop, before creating a mood board and concept that blends your vision with our event branding and design know-how.


When you choose Focus,
you’ll get:

  • Everything from our
    'Growth Package'

  • A messaging house

  • Our Ultimate Social
    Media Package*

  • Three add-ons of your choice

  • A video or animation ad

*Our Social Media Packages can be found here and Email Marketing can be found here

Telling Your Story Through Branding

Our Clients & Chaos

Here’s a snapshot of the global clients we’ve created brand identity and design assets for, all from our base in Manchester.
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Ready to Make Noise?

If you’re interested in our venue, hospitality, leisure or event branding and design services, we want to hear about it.


Share your details below and we’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling.

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