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Marketing Packages

Strategy-First Event, Hospitality & Lesirue

 Marketing That Makes Noise

Put your brand in the minds and mouths of the right crowd with our marketing packages. Maybe you’re funding your first festival and have zero clue how to shout about it, or maybe you want to free up your marketing team’s time with an extra brain or two.

Whatever it is, we’re here to help you level up with a marketing strategy that helps you stand out and sell out.

Marketing your event is a journey – from the first time your logo pops up on someone’s socials to the moment click buy. Make sure they’re fully immersed in your brand’s experience at every stage with our marketing packages, designed with tried-and-trusted strategies and tailored to you.

Our All-in Marketing Packages

Getting people excited about your brand takes more than booking a huge line-up and spamming your socials. To create the kind of FOMO that keeps people talking and drives up your sales, you need something much more curated – strategic marketingThis takes thought and time, which is where we come in. We’re here to take the weight off your shoulders with a unique marketing strategy for your event, festival, leisure or hospitality brand in the UK or worldwide.   


Fill the gaps in your skillset with a few of our services or take the guesswork out of promoting your brand completely with one of our all-in marketing packages.


A get-going package to help your event stand out against the crowd with a distinguishable look and feel.

We’ll make sure you’ve got all the artwork you need to promote your event while you take care of the hands-on campaign management.


Alongside concept generation, this package includes:

  • Hero artwork for your event

  • A banner for your
    Facebook event & website

  • Branded email
    marketing assets

  • Video editing & animation

  • Plus secondary posters, teaser artwork & ticket outlet covers

  • Sitemap Design

  • Artist Cards

  • Marketing Teasers

Everywhere Always

A louder package to get your event in front of the right crowd.

We’ll build a killer event marketing strategy that puts your festival, gig or rave on your audience’s radar, starting with a workshop to define your vision. We’ll also be on hand to take care of your campaign management so you can enjoy the performance without all the pressure.

Alongside concept generation, our Everywhere Always package includes:

  • Everything from our
    'Energise' Package

  • A marketing hit-list

  • Paid ads management

  • Email marketing campaign management

The Grand Slam

An amplified package with everything you need to promote your event, all in one place.

We’ll start with a workshop to define your vision before building a marketing strategy that promotes your event from the streets to your socials. While you focus on the bigger picture, we’ll be taking care of the nitty gritty – making sure your emails are being opened, your ads are being clicked on, and your tickets are being snapped up.

Alongside concept generation, The Grand Slam includes:

  • Everything from our Everywhere Always package

  • Event photography

  • Videography

  • Content creation (from reels to press shots)

  • Social media management

Festival & Event Marketing Strategy, Tailored to You

Creating a festival or event marketing strategy is tough, whether it’s your first time or your 50th. We’re here to guide you through all the strategic decisions you need to make, big and small, to put your money and energy in the right place.

Our Clients & Chaos

We’ve made an impact for brands across the world from our HQ in Manchester – from Ireland to Ibiza, Amsterdam to Australia. Here’s a snapshot of the chaos we’ve created with everything from enticing emails to scroll-stopping visuals.
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Ready to Make Noise?

Want to dig deeper into our event marketing packages or find out if we can create a bespoke festival marketing strategy? Share your details below and we’ll be in touch.

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