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Creating a new vibe for the largest under-18s event in the UK

We teamed up with Shutdown to...

Transform their energy into a bold new brand...

Capture their audience's attention with vibey graphics

Help them sell out over 10 events across the UK

Shutdown already had a fantastic connection with the under-18s market, but with new competitors popping up all the time, they needed to futureproof their position – quickly. That’s where we came in. Being such a dynamic team of graphic designers and marketers, we were able to launch into action as soon as we got the green light.


The Strategy & Steps

We kicked off with a workshop to pin down Shutdown’s vibe and USPs. Once we’d dug deep into what sets Shutdown apart from other brands in the market, we got to work to design a logo and social media assets that could be noticed on every busy street corner or social media feed.

The Standouts

Overall, we successfully re-branded Shutdown, designing striking artworks including a new logo, social media templates, Instagram highlights, Merchendise designs and much more to ensure consistency and ownability across different social media platforms 

and markets.

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