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Black Market

Blackmarket aims to bring the urban underground vibes to Manchester's nightlife scene. Aimed at students in the Fallowfield and surrounding areas, Blackmarket wanted to create awareness of their brand, reach new ravers and put their stamp on the growing nightlife industry! Blackmarket reached out, seeking a new brand identity that could be broadcast across different social media platforms and markets. Taking a creative approach we developed a unique 'B' accompanied by a range of assets that would help push the brand identity.

The Challenge

Blackmarket was announcing their debut event in Fallowfield and lacked a sense of brand direction. Taking this into account, they decided they would need a new brand identity, one strong enough to push their events, grow their audience, and create a strong presence in the growing nightlife scene. 

The Process

We created a striking typography logo, accompanied by a unique 'B' character that could be replicated across different collateral and social media. We knew that creating a strong presence across digital platforms was key, therefore we devised a range of relevant assets that could help build their brand identity. The branding identity would then set the tone for their debut event and future events, show who they are, and reflect the music the event would play.

The Result

Overall, we successfully developed a striking brand for Blackmarket, and helped launch their debut event, collaberate with a Liverpool brand and helped to sell out almost EVERY event they have held so far. We devised a series of posters fit for print and digital distribution, hitting Fallowfield and Manchester with something new and exciting. 

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