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Branding for an AI fitness app

We worked with Train to...

Grab their audience's attention with a new re-brand

Position the brand as a technology-first app to impact PT's jobs positively

Increase app downloads and grow an audience on social media

Train, an AI app to help personal trainers, needed a brand identity which felt modern, technology-first and slick. With a competitive market, we needed to create something that looked professional and target busy personal trainers.


We were excited to take on the challenge to create the brand identity for Train, and create something which had a modern feel to it and would attract an fitness demographic and potential collaborations with gyms across the UK and the globe.


The Final Result

After researching their competition, leaders in the fitness industry and understanding how they wanted to be positioned we got to work designing the brand. It had to look fresh, increase app downloads and appear professional so that established personal trainers and fitness leaders would use the app.

We designed a custom typeface for the logo, creating a sense of movement. We wanted to focus in on the AI use within the app, and thought what better way to make this clear than making it super clear. 


Client Testimonial

"None of it would have been possible without the right branding to stand out in the market and the fast turn around meant that we could get moving on marketing quickly. They provided insight into each design as well as alternative colour ways and patterns which is great and gave us plenty of assets to work with for social media. Great value and high levels of professionalism to sum it all up 👏🏽"

- Dominic Astill, Founder

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