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Drinks Drop Mcr

Drinks Drop Mcr is an eCommerce brand that offers exclusive and rare drinks from across the globe. They needed to stand out in a saturated market and target consumers, as well as B2C businesses. Take a look at how we made a statement...

The Challenge

With no branding but an idea of its core and secondary target audience, Drinks Drop Mcr wanted to position itself in the Drinks industry and become a leading provider of exclusive and rare drinks in Manchester. We were briefed to create a brand that would stand out against the crowd, appeal to a younger, socially active demographic and also catch the attention of B2C businesses such as gyms, shops, and takeaways. We wanted to create a brand with more potential than that, with room for merchandise in the future so hitting the ground running was essential!

The Process

Before we designed the brand concept we ran a brand strategy workshop and discussed where Drinks Drop Mcr wanted themselves to be positioned within the Drinks industry.We discovered that they would be selling their products through an online store, but also through social media and at shops, gyms, and takeaways across the UK. It was imperative that the branding would target a younger audience who were socially active online. From this, we decided to create something bold, fun, and with it's routes to Manchester.


We illustrated a character that reflected on our meeting. Taking inspiration from Manchester's iconic bucket hat (from the Stone Roses, and Northern Quater) accompanied with the character skateboarding to 'drop off' the products.


We designed a custom font for the logo to fit with the style and allocated paired font for the body copy.

The Result

Overall we designed a successful brand concept for Drinks Drop Mcr which would stand out in person and online and would attract their core demographic. We feel that thinking outside the box and incorporating quirky and fun illustrations makes the branding so much stronger than just a typography logo.

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