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Brand Creation for Artclub, a Liverpool music brand. We were briefed to create a fun brand which reflected the 90s music scene, with use of illustration.

The Challenge

Artclub needed to stand out from the crowd with a quirky brand that spoke directly to their audience. As a new and emerging brand, aligning itself to the correct audience was essential for the success of the events company. We were challenged to create a brand identity which reflected that of the 90s music scene, making use of illustration and influence by Keith Haring. The goal for the re-brand would be to attract new audiences around Liverpool, and increase ticket sales for their events.

The Process

We researched Keith Haring's work, and created a range of charachter concepts for the brand. Wanting it to not be too similar to the work of Haring, we hand drew, and then digitally designed a charachter which felt cheeky, and mischevious. This charachter could be used as an identifiable icon for the brand, and become something recognisable with the possibility of being on merchendise in the future.

It was paramount that the brand held consisency between fonts, colours and illustration style. Therefore the brand guidelines were created for the brand to closely follow, along with a range of designed assets from our branding package.

The Result

Overall, we successfully created a brand for Artclub, designing a core logo, with charachter icons and a bank of social media assets. Since the re-brand Artclub have held a series of events, and collaberated with other brands within the music space in the North West.

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