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Lostwood Festival

Art Direction & Graphic Design

Project Background

Lostwood Festival is a DNB Festival in the North West, UK. 

After many successful events with their other brand Restricted Forest, the founders wanted to bring a new event to Blackburn, offering the very best in Drum & Bass music. Lostwood festival needed art direction and marketing support for their campaign.


What We Did

After discussing their goals, understanding who their target audience were and which platforms the marketing material was needed for we got to work on connecting the artwork for the event. After research, and understanding that this festival needed to feel gritty we decided to bring the forest into the artwork, creating someone immersive. 

After the conception was done, we moved forward and designed the assets which would be used through their marketing campaign. Designing artwork such as teaser posts, artist cards and print material including posters and flyers we were able place Lostwood directly in front of their customers and create FOMO.


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