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Joy Raj

Bringing the authentic tastes of India to Bristol

We worked with Joy Raj in Bristol to...

Grab their audience's attention with a new re-brand

Position the brand as the go to restaurant for authentic Indian


Encourage new bookings & orders

Joy Raj, an Indian restaurant in Bristol, needed to re-align their brand to their ideal target audience. And with this, they needed to increase bookings and takeaway orders. 


That’s where we stepped in. After seeing their brand, we were excited to take on the challenge to re-align their brand, create something which felt more authentic and design a brand that would have food lovers thumbs' stopping on the home feed.

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The Strategy & Steps

We kicked off with Joy Raj by understanding their audience in more depth. With an in-depth audience analysis we created an audience person which we would be able to market to. After our Audience analysis, we dove into who their closest competitors were, and found out what they were doing to target this audience.

We analysed leaders in the market and created a brand positioning map to place Joy Raj as a leader for authentic Indian food. With our research, we got to work on our brand guides. Creating the brand guides proved a challenge, working on their language, mission statement, vision and incorporating values.

What we found was the word 'authentic' kept bubbling up. So we had to create something visually which reflected this. From here we got to designing their new brand and assets. We decided to make use of illustrations which were hand drawn that reflected elements of India including animals, foods and nature. We wanted to reflect the street food element and bring the tastes to life through colour and visual elements.


The Standouts

Coming soon


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