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Disco Bakes

Designing Funky Branding for a Cool Cake Company!

We worked with Disco Bakes to...

Create a brand which sold their quirky baked goods

Stand out on social and in person to increase orders

Create a brand which stood out from the crowd

Disco Bakes is a cake shop in the Lake District, UK. They needed a brand identity which would reflect their quirky cakes and stood out in a competitive market. 

With an idea of how they wanted to be perceived in the market, we needed to help bring their ideas to life with a fun and scroll-stoping brand which could help build trust with their audience and of course sell cakes. Targeting a younger female audience, we needed to design something which would be shown off on social media by customers and build hype around the new cake brand.

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The Strategy & Steps

Before we started on the design process we held a kick-off meeting and discussed where Disco Bakes wanted themselves to be positioned within the Food Industry. We discovered that they would be selling their products in the North of the UK. It was imperative that the branding would target a younger audience who were socially active online. From this, we decided to create something quirky, fun and feminine.


We illustrated a range of icons that complimented the font and logo to keep all brand assets tied together. Then I rolled this out across social media templates, highlights, and of course, printed collateral that would target the ideal audience online and in person.

The Standouts

Coming Soon


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