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Branding for a luxury cocktail bar

We worked with Afrou to...

Grab their audience's attention with a new re-brand

Position the brand as a luxury cocktail bar and place to unwind

Increase bookings and enquiries for the space

Afrou, a cocktail bar, needed its branding to align its ideal target audience. With the cocktail bar being refurbished, we needed to reflect the new venue with branding that felt high-end, and luxury and would be the destination for cocktail lovers to unwind on the weekend!


We were excited to take on the challenge to rebrand Afrou, and create something which felt glamourous and would attract an AB Demographic from 21- 45. As well as their cocktail bar, they were launching a line of alcohol to purchase in-store and online. We needed the branding to be just right to extend the elegance from the venue to customers' homes.

Drinks Coaster copy.jpg

The Final Result

After researching their competition, leaders in the market and understanding how they wanted to be positioned we got to work designing a brand which would stand out on social media, their main space for enquiries and bookings. 

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